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Going to Hairfax was the best thing I ever did for myself…. Dec 4, 2008

posted by Larry Gautreau Testimonials

After years of thinning hair and a receding hairline, I was at the point where┬áI did not want to look at myself in the mirror. It was then that I decided to visit Hairfax. It was so comforting meeting with Larry and discussing my concerns. I was paranoid about my hair loss, I could not look at people and I didn’t want people behind me in store lineups fearing they would notice my thinning hair. I was able to discuss with Larry what hair replacement options were available and what would be my best option, I made my decision to wear a custom hair system integrated with my own hair and I felt transformed. I love to shake my head now and feel my hair, I feel confident, I smile and make small talk with people in lineups. I like myself now and am so happy with the decision I have made. I am worth it.


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Ruth LeBlanc
Non surgical Hair System
"...I got hair and the rest of
me bloomed. It gave me back part
of my life. I smile more.

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