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Just the facts:

  • Often the best solution for temporary hair loss due to illness, nutritional or hormonal imbalance
  • Offered in both human and synthetic hair
  • Available in a variety of colours and styles
  • More popular with women than men
  • The only realistic solution for total hair loss

“… hundreds of different wigs on display to match your particular needs …”

Most Common Candidates Most Common Wig Candidates Dorthy Gautreau - One of our Co-FoundersIn our Moncton showroom, we have hundreds of different wigs on display to help you find the perfect match for your particular needs. They are available in both human and synthetic hair, with a wide variety of colours, styles and textures. This is a better option for:

  • The elderly
  • Those who live out-of-town or too far away to visit our offices for regular maintenance
  • Those who cannot afford an LSR, as wigs are much cheaper

With over 40 years experience in the wig business, Dorothy Gautreau & Tara Lanctin cater to your needs with the utmost care and professionalism. Their devotion to service extends to meet the needs of sufferers of various forms of hair loss due to illness, nutritional deficiencies, radiation and chemo therapy treatments. They are also members of The Moncton Hospital’s “Look Good – Feel Good” program, providing wigs and hairpieces to cancer patients throughout the treatment process. Our prices for wigs start at $140, with convenient payment options available. We also carry a full line of shampoos, styling products & accessories to keep your wig(s) looking and feeling great!

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How to Care for your Wig at Home

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It is important that we start this article by letting you know that given the specialized nature of wigs, it is not recommended that you style them at home. However, you can perform basic care for your wig at home, such as washing, drying and brushing. Here are five tips to help you successfully maintain […]

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5 Ways to Care for Your Hair System

  Like any major purchase or investment you make, you want to take good care of your hair system so it will last as long as possible while looking its best. But you may be wondering how to properly care for your hair system to achieve this goal. Let the following five expert tips be […]

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Different Types of Wigs

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If you’ve never had a reason to learn about hair restoration options before, you may be under the misunderstanding that all wigs are created equally. You may even believe that all wigs look fake, ie: visibly detectable. In reality, there are a minimum of five different types of wigs, varying by material and construction; most […]

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What is SHI Technology?

Hair replacement systems have a poor and outdated reputation of looking unnatural. In the past, if one were to say that another’s ‘hair piece’ looked like an animal curled up on their head, it may have been an accurate description. Thankfully, non-surgical hair replacement systems have come a long way. Old systems were constructed by […]

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Biolon: The newest advancement non-surgical hair replacement

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For some, the word “wig” still conjures up images of artificial hair which sits atop one’s head in an awkward manner, looking so obviously out-of-place that it might as well be screaming “Hey, look at me, I’m fake.” Thankfully, there have been numerous advancements in non-surgical hair replacement over the years, which have given us […]

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Ruth LeBlanc
Non surgical Hair System
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me bloomed. It gave me back part
of my life. I smile more.

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